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Digital light meter

download pdf file [su_list icon="icon: circle"] Backlight LCD helps easy reading in dark place. Full-Auto Ranging. MAX/MIN measurement. Display Hold Auto power off. Two measurement units : Lux and Fc [/su_list]


download pdf file The EL-1000 is a portable Lux meter which measures illuminance of a place like an office, shop, classroom, factory, green house,etc. It is an ideal tool in controlling or checking if the environment has enough brightness or illumination. The EL-1000 is a multi-range lux meter with measuring range of 0 - 19990 Lux. It has an accuracy of ±5% + 4d. The measured Lux is displayed in a 3.5 digits LCD display with a large figure size of 13 mm. Display has a resolution of 1Lux or 10Lux. The unit is battery powered and equipped with a Silicon Photo Diode sensor.


download pdf file The EH-1000 is an economical hand-held pH meter. pH measurement is an essential parameter in monitoring and controlling different application fields such as Environment, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Laboratory and even for Education, etc. The EH-1000 has a pH measuring range of 1 - 13 pH and it is very reliable with an accuracy as high as ± 0.07, this makes the EH-1000 your best tool for all these application fields. The pH measurement is displayed on a 3.5 digits LCD display with a large figure size of 12.5mm with a display resolution of 0.01 pH. It is battery powered which makes it very handy and portable. The EH-1000 has a standard glass electrode included for quick measurements out of the box. Other specific purpose electrodes can be used with the unit with the detachable sensor connection.