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download pdf file The TM-5000/5010 series is a hand-held Non-Contact/Contact Tachometer. It measures rotational and linear speeds of upto 99,999.9 rpm and measured value can be converted instantly to different units of measurements (RPM, RPS, m/min, cm/s, inch/s, ft/min and yd/min). Up to 8 measured values can be stored in internal memory. Measuring in hard to reach places is possible with the use of the Remote Sensor. Portable and very handy, no special skills required to use. Available in Kit type which includes everything needed to get you started.

Hand tachometer

download pdf file The TC-6000 is an entry level infrared thermometer that measures surface temperatures of -30 - +550°C. It allows non-contact measurement of object surfaces which is perfect for a non-invasive temperature measurement. This is also useful in measuring hard to reach targets or when the surface has a very high temperature. The TC-6000 is very handy and ergonomically designed to fit snugly into your hand for easy measurement. It has a 3.5 digits LCD display with backlight and measurement is easily done by pointing the laser sight mark to the target and pressing the trigger. Releasing the trigger will hold the measured value on the display. The TC-6000 measures in °C or °F in 1/0.5°C display resolution. It has an accuracy of ±2% rdg or ±3°C, whichever is higher. The unit is equipped with a laser sight market that has a field of view of Փ100m at 1000mm distance. The TC-6000 is powered by a 9V battery and comes with a protective plastic case.