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download pdf file The MWC Series is an economical length totalizer which can measure in Meters or Yards. It is available in 4 or 5 digits with digit size of 6.0 x 3.5mm in a large viewing display window. Choices of 1m(y) or 0.1m(y) display resolutions is available. The MWC series has a plastic housing and equipped with 2 measuring wheels for stability and accuracy. It counts 1 unit for every 3 revolutions of the measuring wheels upto a maximum count speed of 300 meter(yard)/min. Clockwise or Counter-clockwise count direction is available. The unit can be mounted via the plastic base and can be reset by turning the reset knob.


download pdf file The CT Series is a multi-resolutioin pulse generator for linear measuring. It is ideal for length measuring applications that demands high resolution measurement. The CT Series is available in 1m, 0.1m, 0,01m and 0.001m resolutions. It is equipped with 2 rubber wheels that converts rotational movement to pulses which can be fed to an electronic or electric counter to display measured value. Meter and Yard wheels options are available.