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download pdf file The EA-1000 is a portable hand-held Vane Anemometer. It is a very economical and easy to use, designed to provide reliable and accurate wind measurements. The EA-1000 is a handy anemometer with a large LCD, 13mm figure size 3.5 digits display for easy viewing of measurements. The unit has a Vane type sensor and it can measure m/s or km/h units. Measuring range is 0.8 - 30.0 m/s or 2.8 - 108 km/h with a resolution of 0.1 m/s or km/h with an accuracy of ±3% or reading +2d. The EA-1000 is powered by a 9V battery which makes it handy and perfect for field applications as well as daily use. The EA-1000 can be used for wind speed measurements like outdoor sports (surfing, sailing, gliding, etc.) and industrial applications like HVAC monitoring, wind tunnels, etc.