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Optical Spectrum Analyzer

download pdf file The AQ6374 Wide Range Optical Spectrum Analyzer covers wavelengths from 350 to 1750 nm including visible lights (380 to 780 nm) and the telecommunication wavelengths

Handheld Ethernet Multifield Tester

download pdf file The AQ1300 series is a compact and lightweight Ethernet tester that is designed to improve both work efficiency and quality at the same time, with function optimized for the network path testing and maintenance of Ethernet networks up to 1G or 10G depending on model chosen.

Pressure Calibrator

download pdf file The CA700 Pressure Calibrator is equipped with a silicon resonant sensor that uses Yokogawa proprietary DPharp technology. The CA700 has a basic accuracy of 0.01% of reading on pressure measurement and 0.015% of reading on Current/Voltage source/measurement, which makes it the most accurate calibrator in the portable calibrator class.

Digital Manometer

download pdf file The MT220 can measure pressure with outstanding accuracy, high resolution, minimal tempco, and excellent stability. It offers a wealth of functions for field calibration, including transmitter output measurement (DCV/DCA functions), 24-V DC output, percent error readout, measurement data memory, and Ni-Cd battery operation. The D/A conversion output makes it simple to output data to a recorder or other equipment. And of course, data output through a GP-IB or RS-232 interface is also possible-including data output during operation on a 12 V DC power supply or Ni-Cd batteries.

Mini Manometer

download pdf file Compared to the conventional metal sensor, it has high reproducibility and long term stability of characteristics, thus ensuring highly stable measurement. The MT10 is small and has a mass of about 700 g. This makes it suitable for use at process industry sites,for diagnosing factory equipment, and for various R&D applications.

High Voltage/High Current DC Calibrator

download pdf file An AC voltage and current standard is used as a trusted reference for the cost effective calibration of AC measuring instruments. The 2558A can be operated manually with intuitive front panel controls or programmatically via a remote computer interface

DC Voltage/Current/Temperature Calibrator

download pdf file The 2553A devlivers: Confidence-Yokogawa's attention to quality, accuracy and precision ensures the engineer can trust in the product's reliability. Familiarity-Ease of use and intuitive operation are a must for all engineers and dials for each digit and 7-segment LEDs makes the 2553A all the more simpler to use. Variety-Flexibility and the availability of commonly used thermocouples, RTD generation and user defined functions enables an all in one insturment calibration.

High Voltage/High Current DC Calibrator

download pdf file Simple high voltage and high current meter calibration Confidence- The attention that Yokogawa gives to quality ensures engineers can trust the performance of the 2560A Operability-Responsive rotary controls and a range of computer interfaces enable the 2560A to be intuitively operated through the front panel or controlled via an ATE system. Versatility- By using techniques that have been developed over many years, the 2560A is able to deliver accurate DV voltages and currents for low and high ranges.

Isolated Arbitrary/Function Generator

download pdf file The FG400 Isolated Arbitrary/Function Generators provides precision output for test stimulus in power electronics applications. It generates standard and custom waveforms. 0.01µHz to 30 MHz, 20 Vp-p, 1 or 2 channels Intuitive operation with a 3.5"LCD screen Synchronize up to 6 units to provide up to 12 output channels A variety of sweeps and modulations

High Accuracy Voltage/Current Generator

download pdf file The GS200 is a low voltage/current DC source with high accuracy, high stability, and high resolution. With its excellent traceability, stability, and 5 1/2-digit resolution, the GS200 generates extremely low-noise DC voltage and current signals that are required for many applications. Additionally, the optional monitoring feature turns the GS200 into a voltage and current measuring instrument General Specifications Voltage source up to ±32 V and current source up to ±200 mA 51/2-digit, 120000-count output resolution Voltage and current simple monitoring feature (optional) Programmable output up to 10,000 points Built-in USB mass storage device Channel expansion through synchronous operation

Voltage/Current Generator

download pdf file The GS820 expands upon the conventional source measure unit technology by featuring two channels of four quadrant operation. Each channel is isolated from one another and comes armed with a voltmeter, ammeter, voltage source and current source. Application Examples DC voltage/current reference, pulse voltage/current source V-I curve trace, semiconductor parametric test Programmable arbitrary waveform generation Electric load, resistance measurement Production test

Voltage/Current Generator

download pdf file Basic accuracy:0.02& Wide output range: 110V,3.2A High speed source capability:100µs/point Arbitrary Waveform Function Curve Tracer Function USB storage function Web server(Ethernet option)

Digital Power Meter

download pdf file Expertise The WT300E represents over 30 years of reliability and innovation in the compact power meter segment. With the widest range of quality power measurement solutions, users can be confident that Yokogawa always provides the right solution for their needs. Performance WT300E power meters offer precision measurements at low cost, thus providing true customer satisfaction. Space The small footprint and compact size of the WT300E makes it ideal for ad-hoc bench use and for rack mounting

High Performance Power Analyzer

download pdf file Accuracy-The WT1800E is the only instrument in its class that guarantees a power accuracy of 0.05% of reading plus 0.05% of range and is capable of harmonics analysis up to the 500th order of a 50/60Hz fundamental frequency. Reliability-Measurements need to be repeatable as well as accurate. The stability of the WT1800E ensures that precision measurements can be made today and over the long term. Flexibility-With up to 6 input channels, a wide range of display and analysis features, and PC connectivity, the WT1800E is the measurement solution for a broad range of power efficiency and harmonic analysis requirements.

Precision Power Analyzer

download pdf file The WT3000E provides engineers with a solution for verifying product efficiency and compliance to IEC harmonic and flicker standards. The WT3000E is ideal for the design and testing of appliances, solar inverters, motor drives, lighting systems, uninterruptible power supplies, transformer testing, aircraft power systems, and other power conversion devices.

Standalone Data Loggers

download pdf file Industrial processes often employ multiple data acquisition systems to monitor the health of assets and facility infrastructure. These systems can be either standalone or built as nodes within a larger automation topology.

High Speed Data Acquiition Unit

download pdf file The SL1000 is a modular data acquisition system that delivers independent, isolated channel hardware at high speeds up to 100 MSamples per channel, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or data streaming performance. Choose from a wide variety of I/O modules for electrical and physical sensor signal measurements to meet the needs of any high channel count application.


download pdf file The most feature-rich ScopeCorder, the DL850E combines a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder into a modular platform designed to capture both high-speed transients and low speed trends. Combining signal conditioning, signal processing, and large recording memory, the DL850E is ready to be configured to meet your application demands. With its menu-driven user interface, advanced features are easily accessible, so you can gain insights and solve problems faster.

Portable Scopecorder

download pdf file Meet the Yokogawa DLM2000, the industry’s most capable oscilloscope in the 200 to 500 megahertz bandwidth range. It offers best-in-class performance in the areas of acquisition, analysis, and display—all at a price you can digest.